Want to share lodging

Use this topic if you want to share lodging or other accommodations for 3D Basecamp/Bootcamp 2016 in Steamboat Springs

I do! I’m planning to camp about 7 miles away at the Steamboat KOA. I’ve already booked a tent camping site, and there’s room for more! I’m hoping to bike from the KOA to basecamp, but if I wimp out, or there is bad weather, or there is an evening activity I want to attend, I’d also be open to carpooling during Basecamp/Bootcamp.

Hello! I would like to share lodging, do you have any e-mail address? thank you.

I came across your post at the sketchup basecamp forum and I too will be attending the camp for the complete duration. I am 24 year old and an architect in Chandigarh, India who is currently setting up a Makerspace here in India, If you would like to share accomodation and travel costs, do let me know. Looking forward !!

Hello sjdorst.
I would be up for sharing a camp site

Darn! I now have to withdraw my offer of sharing the tent camping site. I just found out that the KOA has very low limits on the number of tents/site, and our plans already bust that limit!

Since their website has no mention of the limit, we intend to erect the number of tents we’re planning on, then let them complain - at which point we’ll point out that we had no way to know since it’s not mentioned on the website! But just in case they’re a real pain, I think that not adding any more potential arguments is the prudent thing to do.

An in-tents situation for you.



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