Want to Hire (Los Angeles Area)


I am working on a coffee shop that hires and mentors foster youth that have aged out of the system. I’m very excited and passionate about this project but I’m in Dallas and their next location is in Santa Monica. I’d like to hire someone to take accurate measurements of the space and send me the 3D sketchup file to work off of. Floorplan, walls, ceilings, beams, drains, stairs, breaker boxes, etc …

Please let me know if you’re in the area and what fee is appropriate to do so. Thank you!

mcar214 at g mail


Hello sir!
I can help.

Please reach me out at luis@cisinlabs.com or skype me at live:luis_18439.

Have a nice day.


Dario, this sounds like an interesting project. Wish I could help but I’m not in California.

Do make sure that the person you hire for this is qualified to do the job. That includes having a license for Sketchup Pro. Those using the free or Make versions aren’t qualified.

Best of luck. If you come to Minnesota with this let me know.