Wall Lines disappear when printing & are a different color on screen

I have lines missing when I print - I used the rectangle feature to make the doors and the end lines are missing. The lines are all on the same layer and I can see them when I zoom in - but on the printed copy many lines are missing. Any idea what is going on? Here’s a screen shot up close and the one farther away is to the upper left on the picture. Any help would be so appreciated. I will have to redo 3 floors of plans if I can’t fix this. :smile:

My educated guess would be that it is tied with hidden geometry or hidden layer if the line was there at the first place.

can you check those and perhaps upload the model?

Hello, also when I try to add lines to fill in the blank spaces, the lines don’t appear on the screen. The first floor file is too big to send so I’ll post the third floor file which is small and has the same problems. Thank you for your help! INTE 110 FINAL PROJECT 3RD FLOOR.skp (1.1 MB)

your using layers wrong for SU…
all geometry should be on Layer0, groups separate geometry and can be on their own layer control visibility only…



a good link for you to read :smiley:

Thank you, we’re importing a floor plan and then drawing the walls on top of it. I used layer 0 for the floor plan and turned it off after I was done copying it. I’ll switch the layers around and see if that helps!
Really appreciate the help!

Hello Again, I rebuilt the file using only layer zero and have the same problem that some of the lines do not print or show up when I switch to parallel projection, top view and straight lines 03 pix style. I can increase the pix size on the straight lines style but the line width becomes to big to use as a floor plan. Any ideas on what is going on? Any help would be so appreciated.

Ok, never mind - I switched to the hidden line style and all of the lines appear as they should! Whew!!