Walking with [MSPhysics (how to)

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Thruster code for zebra body:

[(key('w') - key('s')) * 200, (key('d') - key('a')) * 200, (key('right') - key('left')) * 1000]

Make the zebra legs and invisible colliders frictionless. The invisible colliders are nested groups that go in the zebra body group.

Servo joint controller

(key('up') - key('down')) * -30

Tap ‘W’ a few times to move forwards, then repeatedly tap ‘up’ & ‘down’ to move legs.


If you add a cyclic up and down motion to the body it will look more realistic.


Thank You Forestr

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now i see your response

To be honest, I used some time MSPhysics and I really like the clean design and the ability to record scenes with a screen recorder from different angles. MS I repeat, is much simpler to use than Fredo Animator…
Now, I have a BIG question: it is possible to get the same result (Animations) with MSPhysics as it is the case for Fredo Animator.???