Vue, window.listener

Trying to integrate Vue to my dialogs.
Going fine.
See in the code below. One can click OK to accept defaults
or hit Enter once one of the input value has been set.
My question : How to make so that ‘Enter’ can also accept defaults ?
while no focus on the inputs. All I have read only show examples within buttons or inputs.
Still use window.addEventlistener ?

  <div id="app">
    <p> <label>Thick : <input v-model="thi" @keypress.enter="send"></label> </p>
    <p> <label>Heigh: <input v-model="hei" @keypress.enter="send"></label> </p>

    <p> <button @click="send">OK </button> </p>

	let thi = 9;
	let hei = 99;
	let app = {
	  data() {  
		return {
		  thi: thi,
		  hei: hei,
	  methods: {
		send() {
		sketchup.user_input( this.thi, this.hei);

UPdate: Ok, simply adding ‘autofocus’ to one of the inputs, does it.