Vray4.2 Cuda issue

When i am rendering with Cuda /Rtx , the bitmap attached in TILE texture was missing but works fine when render with CPU.
I am working on OS win10 64x with Graphic Card Nvidia Quadr0 T1000 . I have attached the jpg of CPU and GPU rendered .

Hope you guys can help !! Million thx !!

Hello, I’m not sure it will solve your problem, but there was a bug in vray for GPU rendering and UV mapping
try setting your map image texture to Manual, not UV

Thx paul
do u mind telling me where i could do the setting ?

hmmm that is in the texture placement pannel in asset editor.

Anyway, not sure that would be the matter.

what do you have when you click on this menu ?


have you tried changing parameters in GPU textures ? (for example, set to full-size textures instead of on-demand mipmapping)