VRAY weird rendrering

Hi! Does anyone know what is the problem here? When rendering VRAY provide such results. First, thought that here are some problems with my mesh but then created some primitive and see that there is the same problem.

test.skp (1.1 MB)

Could there be a displacement map in your material?

No one material has been applied to meshes. When I just try to create a new doc in SU and create some primitive Vray renders it fine, look the screenshot.

the problem could also be solved by copy all the meshes and put in a new doc. but I’m just interested in what could be the reason of this problem, why does that happen?

I compared your original file’s VRAY settings to a new file and could only find one setting different. Under Global Illumination, your file had ‘GI Depth’ set to ‘3’. I’m not sure how you even can add GI Depth as a new file didn’t show that option. I turned it from ‘3’ to ‘0’ and it rendered fine.

When choosing an interactive button GI Depth can be manipulated. But I just tried to reset all the VRAY’s settings and still no good results. Don’t know why it worked in your case. Because reducing GI Depth doesn’t make any changes.

Yeah not sure…but luckily copying it into new model solved the issue. Did you get the file from someone else or download something from online that may have come in with your model and messed things up?

No, the file is fully mine.