Vray render output, circular shadow

hi, attached here a image output, there is a circular shadow. How to remove it.,? Any suggestion

Hard to say how to remove something without knowing what’s causing it. I’d recommend uploading your file so myself or someone else can check it out. If it’s too big to upload here, post link from Dropbox, google drive, etc.

HI Eric.,

Here is the dropbox link for that file.


I was not able to reproduce the problem. If it persists, try saving a copy of the file and reset your VRAY settings to default. If that doesn’t help, try re-placing the lights behind the camera as they may have some setting that forcing that hard cutoff.


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Hi Eric.,
the round shadow still persist. Attached here the image!

How to reset the vray setting to default?


Arrow in bottom of Settings panel. Be sure to save a back up first just in case.

thanks Eric

You can see in the picture that the problem only appears in the material of the wooden cabinets, so you can only change the settings of that texture (probably reflection).

Ok. Will try, but it spreads out circular shape.