Vray purchase subscription sketchup

please please, can anyone help me i purchased Sketchup Pro online and everything works well but i try to bay vray subscription online since last week but is always says my process has been declined pleased i knew this is not a vray forum but i at least need a guide where by i can get to vray’s people for instant feedback. I tried to reach them on their number but is still unreachable.

Contact Customer Support at Chaos Group.

on it thanks

I have been complaining about this but stile nothing works, i wrote to the Customer support for the 3th time at yesterday but still, am getting forested without no vray after making my sketchup annual sub for complete 2 weeks now…I don’t know what to do at the moment, the card i made my sketchup annual sub , the same card i used to made vray sub too it says my card have been declined i went to my bank servicer providers they said there is nothing wrong with i shifted my cash to the my other account of the same bank still the same. I think the best party to help me soot this out is Vray i wrote to them for complete 2 weeks now still no feedback this is unbelievable . A complete online establishment which can’t get to soot a customer problem for 2 weeks, am sorry but this is too much…