Vray issue

I’m using Vray next to some degree of effect (enough for me and my clients at least!) but seem to keep getting dead pixels, and now this weird pixel shading… any ideas anyone? I’ve asked on the a few questions on the vray forum but rarely get any answers, so thought maybe someone here could shine a light (ies. preferably :rofl:)

The shading I’m talking about (in case it’s not howlingly obvious) is in the centre-foreground.

Thanks in advance!

I see it down there on the floor and on the drawer fronts on the island although I can’t tell what might be causing it.

It almost looks like it hasn’t finished that section.

Yeah… it’s a weird one. It’s done it on one of the other renders as well (different scene etc).

Client will barely notice, but it feels like a backwards step!

What quality settings are you using?

have you tried re-rendering this with a few different settings?

I haven’t fiddled too much with the settings. I’m rendering on ‘High’ quality (not very high), using the Vray denoiser, using a 16:9 ratio with at about 2500 pixels wide… also using GPU and CPU… not progressive rendering.

I think that’s all I’ve messed with? I don’t dare fiddle too much, as I already spend way longer than I should on these drawings… I’d love to understand more but need to find the time!


I just ran a render using only the CPU, and the problem seems to have gone… no idea why, but thought people may want to know!

Thanks for all your input!

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