[Vray] Dome Light "Arrow", what to use for? I can not adjust shadow direction on dome light

How can I adjust shadow direction on dome light? To turn the “arrow” has no effect on cast of shadow or anything else.

Dome light? Is this in Vray?

Yes. It is V-Ray.

If you are going to post questions related to Vray here on the SketchUp community, please indicate you are talking about Vray.

Have you posed your question in Vray’s own forum?

Yes I did, but now answer yet. I was not sure if this ends up being a SU topic.

Are you using Vray 3?

‘Use Transform’ feature should do that, try enabling it and rotate the dome. (Also make sure you disabled SunLight)

Check this for more info: V-Ray Dome Light | LightDome

Check this for official tutorial: Exterior Lighting QuickStart

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