Vote by Mail Mandate - and (in the USA) funding it!

I don’t normally bring my political activity into this forum, but I had a Eureka! moment this morning around current pushes to enact, at least temporarily in the US - my Eureka! moment involved an out of the box way of paying for it!

So I blogged about it.

And I am posting it here for two reasons:

  • I am passionate about it and
  • Hey look! This forum has a Category that is specifically intended for posts that have no reasonable relation to SketchUp! It’s called the Corner Bar! Might as well post it!

If you’re US based, the entire post might be of interest. Elsewhere? Everything I say about Vote by Mail still applies - just not my proposed funding mechanism.

So here it is:

Warning: On my personal blog, I abandon any pretense of resisting my urge to provide TMI (Too Much Information) - so be prepared!