Volumetric AR with Aryzon

Hi SketchUp team!

For the Aryzon AR/MR Headsets (the affordable HoloLens alternative) I get a LOT of questions about SketchUp users wanting to use the Aryzon Headsets to showcase their 3D models in volumetric 3D AR/MR, instead of only 2D AR via a 2D-interface like their smartphone/tablet/laptop-display.

Many questions are coming from education and architecture/design and I really would love to see that we can actually use SketchUp instead of other software in order to showcase the 3D models in true volumetric 3D!

Of course people can use the Aryzon AR Studio to import their models and visualize them either in 2D or volumetric 3D AR, however there is no proper way for GLTF export yet that actually works (in my opinion). So it would be also great to have a good way to export the models in gLTF format.

Of course SketchUp has a AR Viewer-app as well for HoloLens, so another route would be having a proper AR Viewer app from SketchUp suitable for the Aryzon Headsets to give people the same volumetric experience as with the HoloLens :slight_smile: In this way much more people/students can use SketchUp to get ready for the future :slight_smile:

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+1 yes please!

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Thanks Mike!

Yeah I know; but the Customer Service requested me to post it here. So I hope I can make many people happy via this post :slight_smile:


@MikeTadros, nice to e-meet!