Voids in section cuts showing up dark

I’m having an issue with some of my voids showing up dark as if they are not a plane in section cuts. See the image attached. It is showing the large room in my floorplan like it is being cut through with the section plane tool.

This recently started happening. Please Help!!

well from this image ti looks like your big room is not actually a void but a volume. you can see in the door on the left, there is a face.

share your file if you want a deeper explanation.

emmanual B.skp (1.1 MB)

If you click on the second floor scene, you’ll see what I mean


And as @ateliernab said, there is a face in the doorway forming a closed space.
GIF 12-06-2024 1-31-19 AM


I’d also suggest you spend some time learning about Groups, Components and Tags. Start with the fundamentals at the Campus.

Thank you! That was an easy fix