Visualizer - rendering time

I recently discovered Visualizer and i’m stunned! It is amazing, it made my life so much easier!

I’ve been reading about the Visualizer and how it supposed to work ‘instantly’. On my computer, it takes a bunch of hours to render a GOOD image, and more than a day to render a GREAT picture. Is that normal?

Here’s some specification about my computer:
processor: Phenom II X8
Graphic Card: GeForce GTX 650Ti
8GB Ram
1 TB Corsair HD (non-SSD)
The graphic card drivers are up to date.
I know the processor, and specially the Graphic cards are obsolete, but could it be the reason of such a delay for rendering?

Thankyou so much for your help. :slight_smile:

Can you post a picture that took hours to render? I, too, just discovered Visualizer and I am loving it!

It rendered the image below in about 5 minutes, or so on my machine (2015 MacBook Pro running Yosemite). Not the highest quality render, but this is what a couple minutes got me…

I hadn’t tried Visualizer before. That kind of renderer starts off very dotty, then improves to be what I would call mottled, and eventually becomes photorealistic. Aaron’s example is in the early mottled state, and you may have been holding out for the photorealistic state! It can take a while.

Visualizer is a multi pass interactive renderer. This means that it keeps refining the image endlessly. So render time is somewhat arbitrary. The built in quality indicators measure the changes with each pass and are just estimates for how long it may take for an acceptable level of change. A modern computer with multiple cores will perform best and the graphics card is not used for processing.
The only available light sources are a sun and a procedural dome sky light, as defined by the Sketchup time of day and month. Certain scenes will look noise free very quickly. Other scenes where the light only has small openings will take much longer. There is a mode which obeys the shadow darkness/density which can make interiors brighter and therefore may resolve more quickly.
You may want to try the VisualizerSceneExporter add-on extension warehouse plugin which lets you specify how long Visualizer should render before it saves an image.
Hope this helps.

Hello friends, I would like to know how to use Visualizer with sket 2017/2018

not possible, the code needs updating and it’s not editable…

I kept a copy of SU V16 just for using it…