Visualizer problems



Have downloaded in intalled Visualizer and now many of my stored files look weird.
Som shows only in wired mode an others missing part of the model.
Is this a known problem?



I have gone deeper into the problem and have find it’s ony happens when Visualizer are open when the SU file is loading. If you open Visualizer after the file is opened it’s OK.


I downloaded the trial of Visualizer thinking it was exactly what I needed - to have a scene rendered at I was working on it. Unfortunately, it is too slow to keep up. I did a test with three renderers on a small kitchen scene.
Visualizer - 1 hr
Podium - 3 min
Twilight - 35 sec
And the Twilight result was as good as Visualizer and a little better than Podium.
Just for you information.


Some additions to your list:
Renderer XY - 2 sec
Renderer AB - 2 hr


This behavior (its a rare edge case) is fixed with the launch of SU 2015. Download Visualizer 1.2 beta for SU 2013+ on our web site



i downloaded the visualizer in beta version for SU 2015 PRO. but on the visualizer window everything appear bue or yellow.

i can’t go back to normal color mode.

do you have any suggestion?

tx and have a nice day,