Visualizer high resolution - how?

I need higher res images than the ones that Visualizer provides off hand. I may be missing something obvious. Any help much appreciated

What do you mean by high resolution? Is there something specific your are looking to see? Visualizer is designed to improve over time so in general the longer you let the engine run the better the image will be. There are usually 3 timing estimates in the lower left corner for a very general good -better- best. But the image will improve even beyond that if you let it run. There are some settings to play with as well which can help in specific situations, but the power of Viaualizer is it’s simplicity. What were you looking for that you’re not seeing?

Wanting hi res enough to print at appx 12x24" without pixelizaton. Thanks for tip - I found the 3 options but image that took 9 minutes to render but was same low quality. The timer counts down from 9 minutes or so, then the check shows up which I would assume means the image is done but then the Excellent Quality option changes estimated render time from 2 to 3 to 5 minutes. Seems like may be a simple solution but not obvious to me.

12x24 is a pretty big image, it might be hard to avoid some pixilation at that scale. Are using the last version of Visualizer? there are two buttons in the upper right side that allow you to set the levels of speckle suppression and noise reduction. You can also use keywords in your material choices to get specific surface renderings like glass and mirrors.
The image is never really “done” as it will continue to improve over time, but 9 min sounds short to me. For example if I ask for a rendering of the simple 2x4 stud wall I happen to be working on right now I get three timers going, 5, 15 or 54 min. This timer is just a way to remind yourself when your desired level is reached, you can take a photo at any time. Try suppressing speckles and noise and giving it a half an hour.

It’s not uncommon to walk away and let render engines crunch for hours while gone.

For an image of that size, you may need to leave it rendering for a few hours. Though, I;m not sure that Visualizer will render to that high a resolution, even if you do let it render longer…

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