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Hi all,

I used to run 2015Pro before losing it on a Windows reinstall process, and Colin helped me find my way back and I have 2017Pro running now.
Trouble is, I cannot get Visualiser which is in my view a magic little rendering tool and no longer available nor supported by 2017.
Can anyone help me either find a way to get Visualiser back and running here, or suggest a similar tool. I don’t really have a need for full rendering as I am retired and just help out folk with simple design projects, and in truth I am considering going back to 2015 if that’s the only way I can get that tool.

comments and suggestions genuinely appreciated.


Visualiser can be tricked into running on 2016 but it won’t work on anything newer than that due to a change in the ruby version between 2016 and 2017.
II think from memory you need to install it on 2015 then copy the files to 2016.

Ouch … way too complex for me mate. I am an amateur even those some of my outputs are pretty decent. I know 2015 well enough so wouldn’t hesitate to go back there if I could get Visualiser without complicated work arounds.
Any ideas where I can find it though?
Thanks for the speedy response mate.

I remember that plugin. It was neat and cute but ultimately fell silent because as I understood it couldn’t keep up with the growing industry.

I would suggest Enscape, but it’s paid. Another simple plugin that comes to mind are Ambient Occlusion and SketchFX by Fluid Interactive. They’re also paid but the price is nowhere as high as Enscape or other visualizers. They offer great features.

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You can get 2015 from Here.

Here - Visualizer Official Website. Fair warning though - the browser blocks the site initially for security reasons, so you’ll have to allow access first.

Thanks mate. As an amateur I’d be reluctant to open something like that.
I appreciate your other suggestions and will check them out. As a pensioner doing odd jobs I cannot justify any big expense for rendering … I liked Visualiser because it was quick, simple and free for those times I needed such.

I went ahead and extracted the installer from the website and uploaded it onto a temporary safe place on WeTransfer for you. It will expire in 7 days. You can get it from here if you want - . As @Box said earlier, it will only work for 2015 and 2016.

You guys are so helpful and very much appreciated. I am currently reviewing SketchFX and am very impressed. It has a 30 trial free so I reckon I will follow this path for the moment. Thank you all again.

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I am so green I should have told you I am on a Mac so the Visualiser will down load but only for Windows.

I checked your profile which says Windows before answering.
Please correct your profile.

Link for Visualizer v1.3 for Mac - . You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

I know this is pretty basic but how do I change my profile. I went to Mac because I was having ongoing issues with Windows, and now the rest of my ecosystem is all linked…two iPads, MacBook Air, and iPhone. I wish I had of done it years ago.

Click the purple S in the top right corner, then your name slightly to the left, then Preferences, then Profile…

If you click on the apple symbol top left of your screen and then About this Mac, it will tell you all about the machine you are running, including the graphics card. Whilst Mac graphics cards are pretty foolproof, they cause a lot of issues on PCs, so the info can be useful to know for those trying to help.

I don’t know Visualizer but if you are only doing a small amount of work, you might be surprised at what SU can do on its own. I work full time as a building designer and although I am thinking of getting into rendering more seriously, SU has done me very well so far.

Thanks for the advice.
I have been messing around with a package this afternoon and I reckon I will likely pony up to get it. No rush decisions though.


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Which one?

Ambient Oclusion
My low end Mac Mini just drives it with patience
I like SketchFX having had a look at its review, downloaded it but I do not have enough grunt in the graphics card to move it … if I get an EGU I will revisit.
Thanks for all the help fellows.
Cheers from Australia … and stay safe. This Rona is a real ■■■■■.

Aww man, I so miss Visualizer!

Yep … a magic little tool sitting right in the middle between SU basic render and the bigger packages. But this and it’s companion seem pretty good and not that expensive. I really don’t need to do much more than this these days.