Visual Error Glitches on download screen

Does anyone else have this issue?

See the attached Images. I cannot download anything because either my personal account options or the Sketchup, 3D warehouse, 3D extensions drop down menus are covering the red download button…

Who do I contact for this problem?

Cheers guys !

Mr Wolf

Nope. I’ve tried both Yosemite (Safari 8) and Mavericks (Safari 7). Do you have any plugins installed? What does it do In SketchUp? Extension Warehouse uses mouse over to pop menus instead of click (as 3DWarehouse does) - we’re trying to make that consistent between the two; I, for one, always click on my name, then end up going to my account on EW when I just want the menu exposed.

(aside): How long has “Popularity” only been a red box?


Hi Barry,

The screenshot I provided is when my mouse pointer is no where neat the download button or those opened options… the mouse pointer could be down the bottom LH corner of the screen, however this is what I see whenever I click onto any app from which then opens the app page, and those annoying drop downs are always present… so can’t download anything…



Hi Barry,

Now I cannot sign into the Forum at all. The screen loads for a few seconds, with the three pictures and the loading circle spinning, then it closes. Im sending this message through from my mac mail as a reply to your answer to me… I think there is something wrong with my account wen I access it via safari. The image I posted here (with the two drop downs covering the red rectangular download button) are there on every single app screen, no matter what the app is…




Clear cookies in Safari. Preferences->Privacy.

Excellent Thanks Barry I can sign in here now :slight_smile: however still cannot download models from safari, so will use the 3D warehouse for it.

Regards W

We cannot repo your issue in any version of browser. What’s the Safari version?

Version 8.0 (10600.1.25.1)

To those who helped here, Thank you very much for your help. An unknown issue that has come right. I’m not sure what caused this above issue, however am working from a PC station now without any issues.