Visibility - toggle

From your latest 2020 Release notes:
Changes to visibility:


  -Separated View > Hidden Objects and View > Hidden Geometry options.
  -Subcomponent and subgroup visibility state is now saved per scene, instead of across all 

Is it possible for this to be a toggle? I NEED to have Subcomponent and Subgroup visibility saved across all scenes. As it has been in the past. Please bring this back!

It becomes difficult to hide objects in every scene when you have hundreds of scenes.

Thanks much!

You can disable hidden objects and geometry on a per scene basis in the Scenes panel.


Or make the component dynamic

Mullion.skp (175.6 KB)

I wonder … what about CTRL+ :eye: click in Outliner working across all scenes, and the normal (without CTRL) just toggling the active scene ?