Vise Bolt Too Complex for Go

Vise Bolt (3).skp (2.0 MB)
I managed to get it made but not solid. Too many short edges. Some parts are lost is space and I can’t find them to delete them. That might make it manageable again. As is, the select tool and exploding doesn’t respond.

SketchUp Go working just fine, you just need to learn about Solids in SketchUp and the basics at

Your model mostly contains raw geometry and a single component.
You can transform the current geometry into Solid Group(s) in SketchUp Go/Free (web)

Thank you very much, Mihai.s for responding. The video and your video were very helpful. I will practice using it. Hopefully, the select tool will respond. It may be my laptop. Thanks again.

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It worked for me when I copied every move you made Mihai.s. I have not worked much with groups (always with components). Solid tools work best with groups it seems. There were fewer problems getting past nested errors and short edges working with groups. Thank you