Views do not save hidden items

When I make a view and I hide a wall it saves and displays correctly.
However when I unhide the wall for a different view it changes the first view by showing the wall.
This translates to Layout which is very frustrating to have things change.
It would seem that views should save the complete view as saved.

Any thoughts???

I know I can probably get around this by using sections but that is more work than a simple hide click.


Why not use Tags?

Do you have Hidden Objects set as a property to save when you are creating scenes?

Tags are too coarse… I am hiding just portions of groups. Like one wall out of a group of 4 walls.

Share your .skp file so we can see what you’ve set up.

I have all the options checked to save on the view.

all things hidden should be explained here:

Thanks a lot… helps me understand my issue with the raw geometry…