View port moving while scrolling & pdf export bug in Layout 2020

I am in the process of migrating to Layout 2020 from 2019 and am encountering some odd behaviors.

  1. A very annoying bug, I notice if I have a model view port/reference selected and I move my cursor over any drop-down or text input area, like the scene selection drop down, or the shape style stroke width/dash scale selection, and am scrolling the scroll wheel on my mouse - the scroll action moves the model view port up or down on the page. I noticed this when toggling tags on/off in a scene and needed to scroll my tool pallet, and instead of the pallet scrolling, my model was moving across the page…

  2. An error encountered EXPORTING TO PDF
    It seems that clipping masks are causing issues when exporting to pdf. I have a project that I have been working on in version 2019 for a while and finding that if I open one of the sheets that have clipping masks, I can not successfully export to pdf. I have released the clipping masks and tried again with success. I have save the file back to 2019 and am able to export to PDF with no problem and clipping mask active. I have tried deleting and recreating the clipping mask in 2020 with no success. I am just simply unable to export to pdf. I have created a new drawing and inserted the same model reference and am able to clip and pdf that file. It seems that there is some incompatibility between layout 2019 and 2020 files?? Anyone else experiencing this?

I’m operating with the classic license, Windows 10 Pro.

I migrated from 2019 to 2020 when 2020 was released and have been working exclusively in 2020.

If I do as I think you are doing this doesn’t happen to me.

I haven’t noticed this. I am exporting to PDF frequently.

If my mouse pointer is over the Layout ‘paper’ space then mouse scroll wheel zooms in and out…

When the pointer is in paper space, the scroll function works normally. However, if your model reference is selected and you mouse over the drawing scale option and happen to scroll, does the model reference move up the page??? Even if the layers are locked and the model reference is selected via the document setup reference window, scrolling while the cursor is over the drop down menus will cause the models to move their position on the sheet.

Again the pdf export issue appears to happen when opening a 2019 layout file in Layout 2020 and trying to export to pdf. If I can’t open older files in 2020 then migrating to 2020 is going to be a huge pain in the ass. I have a large project that will need to move forward, if I can’t export the files to PDF then I can’t work on them in 2020.

What seems to be the general initial advice trying to resolve problems is, have you installed SU as administrator (right click on the EXE file and select Run as Administrator) and is your GPU driver up to date.

Anyone else any ideas…?

Hi guys

I’m reporting the same/similar issue for me #1 above. @SketchUpTeam I can reproduce the bug.

Two important issues:

  1. Why on earth does the scrollwheel change the selection in an active input box? What a terrible idea for a ‘shortcut’ - it could be acceptable if we didnt also use the scrollwheel extensively to scroll the entire menu up & down - but you can’t combine both!

Active scene changes (scrolling through the list of scenes) can result in a lot of loading & waiting.
An inadvertant change to a Linescale, Camera scale, or other property can introduce critical and difficult-to-spot errors into the drawing (restulting in apologies and rework).

  1. Then I get the bug described above where the selected viewport shifts up& down on the page…this definitely appears to be a bug as i can see no purpose why the entire viewport would shift using the scrollwheel.

Is there a way to just use the scrollwheel for Scrolling the menu, and for zooming, and lock it out for all other functions such as scrolling a selection?

Btw My mouse is a lLogitech G Pro wireless (with full battery).