View#draw_text small on 4K monitor


My plugin uses draw_text to preview what it will display. Problem is, on a high-res monitor, such as my Retina display, the text is unreadably small. 2017 fixed all the other graphics, such as line weights and inference points, but not draw_text text.
To fix this, I can use the :size option and boost the text size on 4K monitors, but I’d rather do this automagically than to make the User set a preference to do it.
Does the API have a way of detecting a high-res monitor? Or am I missing something else here, and my draw_text should not be acting this way?







Thanks, John, I’ll try playing with that. It could help with SU 2017, anyway. The ironic thing is, UI#scale_factor’s web page says “Note: SU2017M0 will automatically scale up line width and text size…” but it doesn’t scale text! :frowning: