Very High RAM usage PDF Export

I have a Layout file that is about 1.35GB file size, only one fairly detailed SU model referenced, 36 sheets @24x36" This layout file was derived from parsing out sheets that didn’t have case goods on them from a larger elevation set for an entire home. The full set of about 48 sheets, will export fine. It’s pretty big, so layout will gray out viewports if the output is set to high and compression quality set to high (which I’ve accepted as fine, since medium/medium still outputs acceptable printed sheets). Neither file has layered viewports, nor any vectorized viewports, only rasters.

On the more newly generated Case goods (cabinetry) document, on sheet 5, Layout freaks out and maxes out RAM then hangs for a very long time. Initially I thought it would just be an issue on my assistants machine (only 32GB of ram installed, which is very modest for doing this level of detail), but then I tried on my machine with 96GB of ram installed, and hit the same wall.

I did let it just keep trying and eventually spit out a drawing set, and the amount of used RAM eventually settled down. There was nothing very special on sheet 5, just a portion of a floorplan, without any extra heavy geometry, at least not compared to the rest of the model.

This is all on SU/LO 22, as I’m usually pretty slow to the party on updates, so may not be an issue in 23. Has anyone ever had similar to this before? Added Screenshot of memory usage.

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