Vertical position of house in googl earch


about 10 years ago I made a sketch of my house and positioned it at my geo-location

the house unfortunately hovers over the ground and does not take gravity into account

Tried to follow current procedures but the positioning site does not seam to work properly. It shows me only part of the map and I can’t understand how to fix the vertical property.

to verify look for trungerstrasse 33, 9543 st. margarethen, switzerland

I just downloaded the latest google earth version and i am using a half year old windows 8.1 pc.




Turn on terrain.

Also, I don’t believe you can modify anything on google earth anymore, even if it’s your model. But you can always import your own kmz files into your google earth for your private viewing, but no one else will see it.


Thanks for your reply. I think google should rather remove the objects then
instead of having them frozen into their app.



They did for the areas that they’ve redone (see new york city), but I feel like smaller towns will never get done in the near future. You can try to email them to remove it, but I have no idea if that’ll work.