Version 2021.1.3

The video shows them populating in a spot they have never ever been located before. They would always just be popout islands. If you watch my 1st video closely they are moving other toolbars out of the way to make room for themselves.

This could be a Windows or video issue.

Thanks Dezmo lol I’m bad at reading… but how odd that version 2021.1.2 is the same as 2021.1.332… I would have thought that it would be shortened to 2021.1.3… I guess I must not try to understand programmer’s/marketeers’ logic.

And @ryanfernie try deleting your json files and see what happens after.

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It seems for me at least that any plugin I have not personally placed somewhere on my screen will open on my top toolbar and push other items out of the way. I can drag that off my toolbar to create an island. close it out and when re-open the plugin it stays in the island spot that I put it. Although I can get it to work via this workaround there is still video evidence that something is wrong with the update for me at least.

This is in reference to the Run as Admin install method.
Many people have no issues until they do. Just because it has always worked for you before doesn’t guarantee that it will work in future. And now is the future.
When you installed the update it appears to have lost your previous setting, too late to repair it now but as you have seen, once placed they are remembered.
So going forward it shouldn’t happen again.

I wonder what happens if you install a new plugin, Ryan? Will its toolbar float or dock?

It’s a funny thing @ryanfernie - the behaviour you’re describing is - kind of - how I would like it to function. Well not the pushing behaviour but the automatic docking. I have tons of extensions installed… and when I have to test something without extensions, I run SketchUp without ruby… then when I open the regular version again, 2/3rds of my screen is filled with a staircase of floating toolbars…
Well I wouldn’t like them to all take first position and push over the rest, I would like them to neatly fill up the toolbar.

Yeah if it didn’t force push them out of the way I wouldn’t mind it. I’ll let you know when I install a new plugin.