Version 2021.1.3

Hi SketchUp folks

can you please upload some release notes for version 2021.1.332?
SketchUp Pro prompts me to download the latest version and includes a link to this SketchUp Desktop 2021.1.2 | SketchUp Help page in the download screen.Where r n up to version 2021.1.2 can be found.


The link you are referring to is all about it.

It is a second intermediate release for the SketchUp 2021.1 release and fixing some issues. The .332 number is nothing else just the internal build number of SketchUp 2021.1.2

In other words the SketchUp 2021.1.2 is the common “marketing” name of the 21.1.332 Win 64-bit and 21.1.331 Mac 64-bit builds.

Major Glitch! When you open plugins SketchUp forces them up to the top menu area. Old versions the plugins would pop-up in the editor window. See screen capture.

What editor window? Show an example?

Did you watch the video I linked? everything I opened populates up at the very top and moves older plugins/tools around. In older versions of SU before I updated If opened Joint push-pull for example it would be floating in my editing screen. It did not harm the position or placement of any of my toolbars.

I think you’re talking about where the “Toolbar icons” appear. These are appearing (pop up) where they have been placed before. If they initially installed they will appear in the main windows area (“editor window” in your term) as an “island of toolbar icons”. If you move this “island” to the top/side/bottom toolbar area their position will be remembered in a future on-off switching…

this is how my SketchUp has opened up since before time.

now watch the video. everything gets moved around when I open a new toolbar. that’s not normal.

@dezmo yes correct they should all be a pop up window. they arent anymore for me.

If the toolbar icon positions does not “remembered” as you where placed them before it could be the indication of the not proper installation of SU.

Locate (or re-download) the installer file of SU (SketchUpPro-2021-1.2.exe) right click on it and choose : Run as Administrator. Then choose the Repair option.

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I repaired and Its still doing the same thing I’m showing in my video. It remember how they are placed when I re-open SU but it is still forcing them onto the top bar. I get zero pop-up windows now.


You mean model window.

I think that was a change a while back because users complained that toolbars would pop up in the model space instead of in the toolbar space. It’s impossible to please everyone.

Running 21.1.332 on Win10 Pro. Sorry to say that mine doesn’t do what you are describing. Mine open at the last place that they were positioned. To say that if I open a plugin Toolbar, Freedo Corner, move it to another position and then close it. If I open it again it is exactly in the last position I had it when I closed it.
Also my SU was NOT installed with the right-click method.

I’ve been a user since SU 6. It has never done that. The last working version I was on was SketchUpPro-2021-1-299-99.

@SeanB Do you get a pop-up window when you open Fredo corner? or does it force it up-top?

su plugin move
I get this. Is this what you are wanting to happen?

@SeanB yes. exactly. Now go back and watch my video. Mine does not pop out. it forces it onto that top bar.

You know you can just drag them off the top toolbar I hope.

No pop out

Yeah I saw that. If you move them and close them do they always go back to the top? I can’t think of any setting that would cause that, at least not in SU. Any 3rd party Windows screen utilities running?

I just restarted and it still does the same thing. I have not installed anything since updating SU last night.

I wish I had an answer for you. Maybe some from the SU team can chime in and give you some help. :frowning:
Do you have another PC that you can do a test install on and see if you can replicate this behavior?

You video is showing that where the toolbar is appearing “AFTER”. But does not shows how and WHERE was it BEFORE. Did you tried to move out one of them to the main window and check what happening?