Verified Providers & Collections

I’m not sure I understand this message that is showing up in some collections. I’ve found them in collections belonging to other Warehousers, and then found one in one of my own collections - a hidden collection.

The new format in the 3DWH indicates that “Folders” are private and “Collections” are public. This message doesn’t make sense because I found it in what was one of my private collections. In light of the new category “Folder,” which is the same as what was a private collection, that would mean the model behind this message is already in a folder.

Just what does this message mean, and why is it appearing over only those models by “verified providers?” What kind of folder am I supposed to “convert it to” if I want to keep the model?


… I’ve now run across this message in a collection that is public. That just seems now to confuse the issue more, as if I move it to a “Folder,” then it become private.

They are constantly pushing changes and fixes for the 3D Warehouse.
I guess there is a distinction being prepared between ‘verified’ providers and probably ‘non verified’ and you would receive this message if you are not verified yourself and try to make a collection with verified content.

Hey SketchrUppr,

Sorry, it sounds like something’s not working as intended. Can you send the url for the Folder you’re looking at so we can investigate?



I’ve provided links to a few Collections because the issue is not limited to just mine.

I dunno if any other info is pertinent, but I have Windows 10 Home, and Mozilla Firefox, vs 69.0.2 (latest vs is 69.0.3). Though Firefox is my default browser, I looked to see if the same conditions exist in MS Edge - they do. (Edge may not be up-to-date since I don’t normally use it)

  1. First of 19 models. Model by √SketchUp Official

  2. Four in a row, starting about the 228th model. Models by √Kohler Co (there are more in this collection by other authors)

  3. Thirteenth row. Model by √DoorKing, Inc.

  4. Four in the first four rows (there may be others). Models by √Natuzzi Italia, √SketchUp Official, √Medeek Engineering Inc., and √Kinnarps.

Hope this helps.

Hmmmm… that would almost make it sound like anyone who is not a verified provider (most of which appear to be commercial, or otherwise professional in some manner) would not be able to collect, let alone use, such models. Wouldn’t that sorta contradict the fact that anything and everything in the Warehouse is up for grabs, so-to-speak?

Maybe just a setting, like you cannot install non-verified apps on Mac unless you adjust some settings…
There has been quit some feature requests regarding a more professional way to search.

Anyways, they are on to it, as it seems…