Vectorising issue

The Italic text produced in SU shows as regular when vectorised in Layout. Is this a known issue or is there a setting which needs to be toggled?

Many thanks in advance for any feedback

What font are you using? Does it show the same way if you insert the text in LayOut instead of in SU?

Tahoma. When I try to insert in LO it does not give the option of Italic for Tahoma so I guess that’s why its defaults to regular when vectorizing?

Tahoma doesn’t include an italicized version so the italics you are seeing are being faked. LayOut doesn’t fake it, though.

I use a couple of client-specified fonts that don’t have italicized versions. I had to hunt around to find something close that did for when I need it.

Ok, I’ve substituted Tahoma with Arial although the italicizing is not so pronounced but will do for now!

Many thanks for your speedy help :slight_smile:

There is a free (or perhaps several) Faux Tahoma Italic and Faux Tahoma Bold Italic fonts available for download on the web. Just Google it.