Vector for illustrator


Hi, I am trying to import an iso view into a vector for illustrator. I have exported as 2d graphic as a pdf. when opened into illustrator the building comes up with squares, and lines everywhere. What is the issue? is it because this model was imported from revit?

this is the original

and here is the illustrator file

Where is the difference? You seem to be using quite thick lines in Illustrator. Without seeing the original file I cannot figure why some of the lines show as dotted in the Illustrator screenshot. Do you have Hidden geometry turned on in SketchUp? What do you get if you print a PDF directly from Revit?

Can you try exporting as EPS which is vector as well? I’m not sure if there’s a difference or not but I always use EPs when going to Illustrator.

The EPS and PDF exporters produce identical results. Both formats are based on the PostScript page description language, the difference is that PDF uses file compression.

Good to know. Learned something new :wink: