Vanishing floor separation


I have an issue with the room floor separation within a house plan. I did a floor plan, starting with a rectangle and created the walls. Each room has its own floor so I can add a floor material finish. I grouped the house plan and then used a grouped “slab” to attach under the house plan. When I do that the floors are no longer separated by rooms. I don’t understand why I lose the floor separation when I put two grouped objects together.


Is this something you’re doing in LayOut? Your profile says you are using the “free version” which would imply you haven’t got LayOut.

I think we need to see what you’ve got going on. Can you share the file?


Dave, Thanks so much for the quick response and taking a look at attached.
I struggled with it for awhile and don’t know what I am doing wrong.
Anyway, please see attached.​
HOUSE 7-15.skp


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