Valve lock screw with hinge

how to sketch valve lock screw pls help me

Do you have an image of what you are trying to model? I suspect there are a great many things that might be called “valve lock screw” and we have no way to know which you mean!


Agree with @slbaumgartner. I tried a Google Image Search with “valve lock screw with hinge” and got a jumbled mishmash of images with little in common. Then I removed the “with hinge” and got a lot of hits similar to:
And they were all images from paint ball equipment suppliers! And none of them (in the first 50 or so in the search results) were pictured with anything approaching a hinge.

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The screw is a simple button head machine screw with a hex socket. Is that what you need to model or is it really the valve lock you need to model? Is it just a generic thing to show it locking out a valve? How much detail do you need? What information do you have about the thing you need to model? CAD drawings? Dimensions?

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like this i dont if it is called valve lock correct me if im wrong thanks btw 66323703_493426928097039_7101036272776380416_n1

that looks more like a ‘swing bolt with thumb nut’…


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