Value to be checked in IF Function from the list options

I have a drop down for the two values 0.35 cm and 1.8 cm in the list options. When either one value has been chosen, that has to checked using IF function, then corresponding condition has to be executed.

list drop down

if condition syntax.,

i applied in all types, ( cm to inches, text, only value) but the value is not passed nor the condition is applied on either true or false.

Where i am making mistake.

When made drop down earlier for other component, it was converted to inches.
attached screenshot.,

use the value for parent!a6_bkht = 0.35 not 3.5.

sometimes the dropdown values jump to inches, but invariably they change back,
however using an equal can keep them stable
250mm = 2.5
300mm = 3
350mm = 3.5

amend, should be cms, doing the same thing
250mm = 25
300mm = 30
350mm = 35

For centimeter units to work right in DCs you have to check the “Display units format” box in Model Info>Units. Otherwise everything converts to inches.

Thanks @pcmoor @Anssi

@pcmoor, can the dropdown value can be used in the IF function to check the whether the condition is met or not.

But the output is error. instead of 0.35cm it choose 1.8cm

The display units format also checked and units are set in centimeters.

Could you able to share a sample file with if condition working from the drop down value passed.

can you private message the cabinet?,