Validating LenX when modified by ScaleTool or Option Input Box

The reserved size attributes (e.g. LenX) can be modified using the scaletool or the option input box as long as they have not been constrained. However, once an attribute has been constrained, this functionality breaks down. Only one modification method is available at a time (either scaletool or option input box). Can someone explain why this is so? It would be nice to be able to modify the attribute with both methods available at the same time while the dimension is constrained to stay within minimum/maximum values.

As you note, the direct input overrides any existing value or formula, its fairly unlikely this will change. You can do a menu context swap to reinstate.

Else, you can include a separate attribute to enter a fix length, with an option in LenX to choose this value or the scaled one.

Otherwise, best to enter the length and units when using the scale tool, no need for an input in the option dialog

Okay. Thanks for the explanation. I was hoping that the developers would consider making the upgrade.

The scale tool seems to only accept a dimensionless scale factor. If the length and units could be specified when using the scale tool that would satisfy my need. Maybe, I’m not fully understanding the features of the scale tool.

start the scale tool, pull in direction then type 2m or 300mm or 24" or 3’
or you can do this after an operation like with the other tools

I just remembered, there is a problem with the change after method, you require a redraw, as it is not automatically triggered.
A bit of a pain, if you wish to change after the first choice.

This works well. Really appreciate the help.