Validate the name of a scene (Mac)

Hi folks,

I do not like how to validate the name of a scene on Mac
When I validate it by Enter, the name is reselected.
The problem is that I use keyboard shortcuts a lot.
If I press Enter to validate and then call a tool by a key, it is the letter of the tool that replaces the name !!! :frowning:
The only solution I found is to click into the model to validate without the name being selected. I think it’s not natural.

I notice that to validate the name of a layer, i just press Enter and it’s ok.

I notice that the problem does not exist on PC
It would be cool to improve this annoying thing.

This request has been raised many times before! If we keep bringing it up maybe someday they will listen…

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Oh yes, please dear sketchup team !!:ear: