V17 Model size increase


My SketchUp model has been meticulously and efficiently constructed, and saves in V16 using 38.6MB.

On saving the identical model using V17, I note that the size has increased to 40.7MB!

Technical innovation tends to produce superior solutions over time (except perhaps for supersonic transatlantic flight!) - so what has happened to SketchUp’s data structure and/or data compression algorithm?

Perhaps there are resulting user benefits that offset the 5% increase in model size? - if so, dear coders, don’t be shy!, please let everyone know!


I would assume it’s the persistent IDs. Starting in version 2017 each entity and vertex has a uniqe ID. This is used in Layout to let dimensions remember what they were snapped to so they can be automatically updated when the things in the model are moved. This also opens up new possibilities for plugin developers even though I haven’t seen any plugin that uses it yet.


Christina is spot on.


Aha! - persistent IDs then.

My model has well over 1 million entities, not counting vertices.

I would have thought that a persistent ID could (and should) be dynamically created (or deleted) as and when required (or no longer required), for example via the API for IFC GUID support, or by Layout for enhanced dimension functionality.

Or does SketchUp already use these new IDs internally? (i.e. otherwise the overhead is completely spurious for 3D modelling)

Any other benefits (thomthom) ?! (e.g. I’d have no objection if the display of geometry was no longer clipped as soon as I went anywhere near it!)


How would they then be persistent?


Doh! - because once having been created, they would then be saved in the file as they are now! Should this exciting topic have its own thread?!, or, alas as I suspect, persistent IDs for everything, by default is already here to stay, regardless of merit (or model size).