V-Ray: SketchUp error with Expected string but no NilClass

Hi, I am new here and in Sketchup
Recently I instaled vray trial version in my computer, and it works for some files, but I starded doing this apartment interiors and it appears this error, I tried to install ruby console plugin and dynamic components plugin, bujt it still doesn´t work.
Someone can help me?

The error is " Something went wrong trying to initialize the sketchup model.
Expected String but no NilClass
C:\Program Files/Chaos Group/V-Ray/V-Ray for Sketchup/extension/ruby/live_scene:456:in `

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I had the same problem, but just copy all geometry from your SU file to another one and use V-ray.

The same problem occurs in my model sometimes. Copy and paste to new file help, but after some time a problem is back on.

I already made it, but it occurs again and again, I’ve tried to cleanup, purge all and divide the project. But I had to divide till the project get smaller.

This is an issue you should report on the Chaos Group forums.

In my case, when I have this error it’s related to section planes. Everytime this error comes up I just delete all section planes and the render starts with no problem.

Hope it helps.

Hello! Something similar happens to me too. When I wanted to go to the ASSETEDITOR section and render this warning appeared to me. What does it mean? Did someone know how to solve this problem?

try to install ruby console from sketchup extension warehouse.

Hi i just meet this problem today and I discovered it that the scene is error so i try add new scene it it work