V-Ray Next for SketchUp, unstable UI

I’ve just downloaded and installed the trial version of the latest v-ray plugin.
It is working fine but as you start render, all the related windows will go backward and unstable.
I need urgent help.

Have you reached out to Chaos Group?

No unfortunately.
How may I reach them? I even am not able to make a topic on the Chaos forum… I donno why

You would have to create an account, first


I already have an account , but am not able to create a topic.

I think they use different servers for licensing. You would have to register, it can be the same, though

You can only post on the public forum, there is a public section under the Vray for SketchUp section.
You need to have been enabled by Sales to post on the general forums.

This appears to still be a bug :spider: in the official windows release.

A person from technical stuff section activated a time limit license for me.
This is bizarre that I am not able to create a topic as a trial tester to give feedback…

Not at all. You can post in the public forum, most of the activity is in that section anyway.

I had exactly the same experience during trial, once I figured out to use the public forums my questions were answered, you can also mail sales directly, I did so with an issue and ended up having teamviewer sessions etc. They have always historically been exceptionally helpful for trial users.

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This is what I see, attached.
There is no way to start new topic.

That’s right, that’s not the public forum. If you go back one level, there is a ‘public’ section where you can post

Aha, Got it, thanks!