[V-ray] JPG Environment very clear

Hi Friends,

Sorry my bad english!

In my project, I used an image for environment and the result is that my render is very clear! I tried edit values and the image in environment it is not realistic.


Do you mean the background has gone a bit foggy because you have edited values on environment settings?

Why don’t you load up default settings and work your way to re-apply the image onto the environment settings?

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for your help.

My process is: In Environment I up the image in GI (Skylight) and in Reflection refraction (background). In the UVW Type I use UVWGenEnvironment.

The values are 5,0. I don’t understand the “fog” aspect in the background.

My image is JPG file.

I do not change any other value.


Sorry, I am unable to provide why it can be having fog effect.

would you be able to share your file and your jpg you are using as your background?