V-Ray 5 is now included in a Studio subscription!

And those who happen to use windows.

No, educational licenses have another toolkit.

hi @jitendra V-Ray is not available for the Student EDU license. But it is included in the ATC license. You can also try the Studio trial for free for 30 days and you sign up one here Download SketchUp | Free Trial of 3D Modeling Software

Hey @wmpacey you can upgrade from Pro to Studio! If you bought via online store, there is a upgrade path in AMP (follow the steps in this video) and it is a very simple process and you can access both V-Ray 5 and Scan Essentials in your Studio subscription for a special promo of $699!

Not cheeky at all, though I’ll try to avoid veering too far off topic.

Hardware can help LayOut, it’s just multithread/multicore that isn’t effective. With multicore/multithreading it allows the software to perform multiple concurrent actions; SketchUp and LayOut only do one thing at a time anyway. Rendering packages like V-Ray can take advantage of these multithreading options because it can perform the “baking process” on different parts of the same model, thereby speeding it up. (We have managed to pack some performance improvements in LayOut in the last few version, moreso in Windows than MacOS most recently, but it’s a constant effort from our graphics pipeline team.)

Couldn’t Layout, as vray with each bucket render, render a viewport with a thread and another with another thread?


Maybe? Seems like it. I might be wrong. (c: (I don’t mind being wrong, though I can’t say for sure if I am or not off the top of my head.)


I don’t even tell the difference between a thread and a core… I just understood that cores or threads would be capable of being used only if the total workload could be split into multiple isolated pieces. A viewport seems a piece as well as a page. A page per thread on pdf exports? Or on regen…

But we digress. Vray included in Sketchup Studio is impressive, and adds great value to the package for users. I’m just worried about good folks that built consistent rendering packages around Sketchup, over the years.

Good luck to all.

Why is Studio Windows Only?

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Thanks Olivia, I tried it as described, but it doesn’t accept the promo code and wants to charge the full price for a 2 year subscription (less the pro-rated discount for my remaining Pro subscription)
Am i missing something?

It’s because Scan Essentials is Windows only. V-Ray, if purchased independently, can be used for Mac or PC.

Still can’t get it.

  • Scan Essential is Win only because uses RW engine
  • VRay runs on Win and Mac (just like SketchUp) so why is it Win only in the Studio Bundle?

Is SketchUp purchased via Studio Win only too?

This is reassuring. It means we know for sure that the SU team are aware of the problems and looking for ways to alleviate them. I’m guessing it’s a hard nut to crack though, especially across the different platforms.

And this is even more encouraging as it suggests that it may be possible to use the full capabilities of modern multithread processors. The future is looking brighter today!

Hi Studio is wins only is because we offer 3 main applications: Pro + V-Ray + Scan Essentials and we purposely designed it to support a workflow of data capture, modelling and rendering. These main applications are offered together as a bundle offer at a discounted price. If you only need to have data capture you can buy Pro+ Scan Ess seperately. If you want to do rendering then you can buy Pro + V-Ray seperatly. But if you want to do 3 of them in one package, the better option is to get Studio. Hope it makese sense to you :slight_smile:

I really doubt it. V-Ray for SketchUp is just one flavor of V-Ray among many others (V-Ray for 3dsmax, for Maya, for C4D, V-Ray Standalone, AppSDK, etc). And V-Ray is only one product in the Chaos catalog. I can’t imagine Chaos will ever sell V-Ray to Trimble.

You can split up the workload of a program into several thread (by default it’s just one thread). Depending on the program, it can be straightforward, pretty complicated, or even impossible (like in the case of SketchUp).
A CPU Core can work on only one thread at a time*. So if it has multiple cores, your CPU can work on multiple threads simultaneously.

If you have a single-core CPU, multi-threading is useless.
If you use a single-threaded program, a multi-core CPU is useless (well, in practice you always have multiple programs running, plus the OS, so it’s never useless).

*Most modern processors have “hyper-threading”(intel)/“CMT”(AMD), which allows a single core to work on two threads at the same time. But it’s just pausing one to work on the other, in case a thread is waiting for another thread, for data from the hard drive, etc.

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Thanks for chimming in Thomas.

So this depends on the software’s ability to split the workload into chunks. These chunks are called threads and a core works on those threads… Or something like that. Maybe Layout with it’s multiple viewports and pages is more capable of being adapted to be multi threaded and I understand why Sketchup cannot. Maybe Layout’s viewports could be seen as multiple instances of sketchup open at the same time and each instance is a thread…

Hi, how many Pro licenses do you have? And how many do you want to upgrade to Studio? Did you buy it via online store or sales rep? Maybe worth getting in touch with our supprt team and let them give you a hand? Click here to contact support.

Makes sense just for 2021.
Until today VRay relies a lot on NVIDIA CUDA, Win Only. Sometimes this year Chaos is releasing VRay for Apple Silicon - no CUDA and Apple Only.
Hope that Scan Essential - Trimble RealWorks will do the same, so that next year Studio bundle will be more interesting and multiplatform.


Just for confirmation: is the SketchUp license bundled in Studio Win only too?
I’m interested into SketchUp+Scan Essential, for viz I’m a Twin Motion user (on macOS), but it’s great to have VRay 5 bundled in the price too, but I want to keep modeling on macOS and occasionally on Win…

Wait, so there will be an offer of Pro + Scan Essentials?