V-Ray 4.0 'Next' f. SketchUp : HotFix 1 available

What’s new

  • Optimized Scene Management - The entire asset management system is optimized and made more reliable. This affects asset creation, renaming, deletion, referencing, purging etc. The optimizations are most obvious in heavy scenes with big number of assets and complex shading networks
  • Improved V-Ray Scene Importer - Reliably imports models using multi materials created in 3ds Max. The source material ID assignment results in different materials applied to the corresponding object faces
  • Stability - The overall stability and reliability of V-Ray is improved. The fixes address specific workflows related to loading V-Ray 3 projects, using settings preset files, overriding materials, texture color space management and more
  • Other improvements - Improved compatibility with some of the most popular SketchUp plugins

Change Log

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