V.315 bugs: Shortcuts broken

Hello, the latest .315 version on Win11 is a disaster in shortcuts department:
Lots of right click commands are not executed via shortcuts (reverse faces, orient faces for instance) .
Numpad keys (numpad1,2,3, etc) don’t work anymore
Its impossible to assign a shortcut to “Make\Edit snaps” command.
Another thing: “use large buttons” is broken as well.
Had to uninstall it - I bet there are many more…
Do you have beta testers and QA before publishing?
P.S. At least roll back was smooth - thanks for this!
P.P.S. “Make\Edit snaps” is fantastic thing though - please enable a default automatic SNAP at the bottom center (horizontal plane) when any component\group being created! in case of glued component it should be at the bottom front aligned to the gluing surface.

v.319 update: “use large buttons” function is fixed,
unfortunately shortcut issues still remain

v.315 had a couple of online locations pointing to the wrong place. The only change with v.319 was to fix that, it shouldn’t have changed whether use large buttons was working.

We have a couple of bug reports open to look into the shortcuts issue.

I will pass on the request to allow a shortcut for Make/Edit Snaps.

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