UV Mapping Cleanup

Hi Everyone,

Recently I’ve started to get into creating track models and making my own MK tracks. All that aside, I have been using FredoTools and Thrupaint to UV map! I created majority of the track layout using this method and it looks great although when I view hidden geometry it shows all the faces and division points. When I export the model to an Obj. File, it treats each of these little quadrilaterals and triangles as its own material! Therefore when I export the file is massive and I have 1500+ materials pushed out! Does anyone know a way to export this without having the faces all split while still maintaining the mapping? I uploaded a reference photo below of how it looks. This snapshot alone when exported would produce hundreds of materials.


What exporter did you use for the OBJ file?

  • I created a model and used two materials, the one for the road I applied using ThruPaint.

  • I exported OBJ file from Tools> QuadFace Tools> Export> OBJ Format

  • the model was exported with the two textures files

  • and imported in Blender

Thanks for replying. I too have been using File>Export>obj, as well as trying an obj exporter plugin just as a test to see if it made a difference (it did not).

I took a small section of the road:

Then exported the selection as an obj and ended up with 12 materials just in that section:

It must be the lines following the curvature of the plane causing all these different materials for some reason. I should also note I was using the Curviloft plugin to create the faces you see to UV map them with ThruPaint.

I specified that I used the exporter from the QuadFace Tools extension, and I used ThruPaint from Fredo to apply the material to the road.

My apologies, I interpreted that in a different sequence!

Upon exporting it this way, it appears to of cleaned up the material count and it’s correct now!

Unfortunately when I Import to Blender or any other 3D modelling software it has unified a lot of the materials and they don’t appear correctly:

However I am still one step closer I feel and I appreciate your help in cleaning up the obj export!

In Blender, change to Material Preview mode (in your image is Solid mode)


But it may also depend on how you have the model, maybe there are different surfaces that overlap.

After spending some hours on it today, It appears that exporting with Quadface does output the correct number of materials.

However when I need to import the model to another program (as a dae file), it only loads one of those materials and applies it to the whole model which is strange:

Anyways I may need to redo the model without using curviloft so I can export the model normally. Do you have any suggestions for easy and reliable UV mapping solutions other than using Curviloft? I am happy with Thrupaint but I need a better way to apply it.