Utility networks 3D models

I am a M.Tech student. I would like to know about creating of 3D structure like pipelines , power supply networks using SketchUp.
Is It possible to create 3D pipelines and cables, of required size , etc?

I cannot imagine why not.

Thank you for your response
I have pipeline layout in “*.shapefile” format for a big area. This network is too big, as well as multiple line features connected one after another to represent each pipe differently. So, After importing shapefile to SketchUp, We will use FOLLOW ME plugin for making those lines to pipes.
Thanks for response … thanks to all

You might want to check some extensions:


You can actually do it without any extensions, but they are always a plus. You do have follow me tool so you could just make a path and a circle, or whatever shape you want your pipes to be, and boom there you have it :smiley:


Something to keep in mind when using Follow me to make something with multiple parts along the same path. With a little lateral thinking you can easily do multiple follow me.


Mind blown!

Hai, That is superb. really superb.

I use Sketchup to draw project of plants.


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