Utilities menu with dimensions, layers and materials

@Last utilities_v1.0 (adds layer and material info).rbz (2.9 KB)
utilitiestools (su_utilities_hacked by tt).rb (7.7 KB)
su_utilities_110 (Create Face and Query Tool).rbz (3.8 KB)

Hi guys.!
If you want please merge these 3 files, I’ve tried but it is too much for me…!
Thank you.!

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I don’t want to, but I’m curious what you mean by merging these?
What result do you think you can achieve by merging?

As TT did (he added dimensions info), it would be helpful if I also had layer and material info on hovering each piece, it saves a lot of time.
Right now I’m using TT version, and I tried merging with @Last version, but is beyond me.!

I believe “merge” means the desire is to have a result that has the latest module wrapping from v1.1.0, but for the Query tool, adds the display of the bounds like ThomThom did in a old post, as well as the layer (tag) and material info from the very old @Last v1.0.

Well, of course, as the obvious title implied already…!

The title is a bit incorrect. I had to read the three files to understand. (This does not involve a “menu”.)

It is about the example Query Tool in the Utilities Tools extension; ie, adding more data to it’s popup tooltip.