Utilise multicore for 'update model reference' in Layout

When I saw in the list of Sketchup 2023 new features they added multi-core processing for saving Sketchup models, I got so excited I nearly jizzed my pants. Unfortunately my excitement has been short lived as I haven’t seen the huge difference to my work flow I hoped.
When working between Sketchup and layout to finalise a complex drawing set I might save my model and update model reference 50-100 times a day. I thought with multi-core saving there might have been notable time savings but Unfortunately it seems the update model reference phase of the operation is unchanged and still the bottle neck in the work flow. Update times can be as low as 15-20sec of blue pinwheel each time. I assume then that updating is not utilising Multi-core or am I wrong?

Thanks developers for your efforts to improve things over the years.

I’m using Enscape at the moment and it manages to stream data very efficiently between SketchUp and enscape. It’s pretty close to Instant.

And here are my model stats:


Sounds good. I haven’t used Enscape and don’t tend to render my models. Just export and photoshop. I prefer more abstract/ 80-90s style graphics over photo realistic renders.

Just trying trying understand whether muti-core processing is being utilised in Layout specifically, and more specifically, if it uses it during the update model process.

I assume you’re right.

Multi core has been added to SU for saving models. But linking SO to LO is different, when you update your layout file, it’ll “read” the SU file and update the viewport, bu it won’t do any saves to your SU file.

Since LO is basically a brother to SU, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is mono core too, and remaking is multicore might be a huge overhaul.
What would be cool is if Layout used a single core by file when updating. You’ve inserted 4 SU files in your layout ? fine, it’ll update them at the same time using 4 cores, not one after the other.

it wasn’t in 2017, and I’m pretty sure it still isn’t in 2023

this thread has the same question as you, and people are giving the same answer as me. at least in the beginning, then it turns into a rant against mean trimble. this has been an issue / request fro some time now, not sure if the lack of evolution on this front is technological or else.

Thanks very much for this thorough explanation. Much appreciated.

I knew I couldn’t be the only one with this question but didn’t find that other thread with my search terms.

Basically I love the modelling experience in Sketchup. Always being in the one 3D modelling space using inferencing is intuitive. I got into it first year Uni and it has become an integral part of my design technique however I have since grown in scale and am now working on both large architectural projects and for another company with a full modular housing suite with huge catalogue of nested parts (think lego or Ikea but for small houses). For this type of work documentation becomes bigger component of the job than modelling and for this layout is starting to almost become prohibitive. I’m afraid I’m just going to have to face going back to Revit or Archicad, which I know from previous workplaces, is far superior for documentation.

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