Utbredning konor

någon som vet en bra extension eller annan funktion för att få fram utbredning för konor.
tanken är att jag sedan skall kunna skicka ritningen som en dxf fil till en skärmaskin.

Google translate gives the English version of this post as:

someone who knows a good extension or other function to bring about distribution for women.
The idea is that I can then send the drawing as a dxf file to a cutting machine.”

“Women” doesn’t make sense to me in this context.

Translating just “utbredning för konor” gets “distribution for cones” which isn’t much better. I don’t know enough Swedish to help further with the translation.

But it looks as if the OP is asking for a plugin to help export DXF to a cutting machine of some sort.

There’s this thread about the subject of exporting DXF for CNC router or laser cutting

A search in this forum for CNC will find other topics that may be of use.

what im asking for is a extension for making cones. like this.

That looks like making conical lampshades.

The Swedish in the diagram isn’t text, so I can’t translate it, although I can guess some of it.

Could you type out the text of steps 1-4 and translate it via Google, or try it in English?

But I can see what you are trying to do geometrically.

I don’t know of a plugin to do this, though.

It shouldn’t be too difficult, though, using the native tools. The only non-obvious part is what angle to use for the flattened sides of the cone.

Found this link with does the maths for you:


Once you have calculated the angle (see solution above) the rest is easy to draw with native tools in SU.

Try these [Pröva dessa] …

Are you just looking for a way to flatten out a cone to make a pattern for it? If that’s all you need, you can use Flattery for that.


this actually looks like what i need. ill try it tomorrow at work.

Well, that suggestion makes another lucky circumstance on this forum; this turned out to be just the tool I needed for a personal project today.

From SketchUp:

To Photoshop:

(Not trying to hijack the thread, but it’s just an example of how hanging out in this forum has led to learning things it didn’t occur to me to ask about in the first place. Thanks to the OP for asking, and to @DaveR for the suggestion. )


This was perfect, thx!!

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