Using the Offset tool to create door trim

I watched the video about using the Offset tool to create door trim, especially selecting the sides and top BEFORE doing the offset. This works great - except that in my model, the trim is not closed up so it inherits the material of the siding. Of course, applying a material to the trim board also applies it to the siding. According to the video, doing it this way was supposed to avoid having to clean up the bottom of the door (that also got offset) but it seems like more work than it’s worth. What am I missing?

If you wanted the three edges without the material you could copy the three edges that make up the door, leave the wall group, and paste-in-place the edges, and form a new group out of those. Those three edges will be offset-able. But you will need to redraw edges on the bottom. You probably want to bring all the edges from the wall (just select double-click the wall and then shift-click the face to unselect it), then erase the extra edges. However, none of this is much better than just drawing a new rectangle for the doorway and using four-edge offset and cleaning up.

Agreed. Sometimes the plain way is the best way. I made believe I was cutting all the trim boards on my chop saw, then nailing them in place. All in SketchUp. And I got to practice my Copy-Move talents too.
Thank you for the suggestion Brian!

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