Using templates from 2014 in 2015

I have installed 2015 make and trying to use a template saved in the Resources folder/Templates. When the template is opened in 2015 the template is not loaded. Can 2014 templates from 2014 be used in 2015. Running Windows 8.1.

In SU 2015
Click … Window > Preferences > Template > Browse (button)
The Browse for Template Dialog opens
There, navigate to your SU 2014 Templates folder; select your custom template and then click… Open
The Browse for Template Dialog closes…
…and the Preferences-Template dialog reappears with the new template already selected.
Click… OK and the Preferences dialog closes.

Now click … File > New
The existing file closes and your selected template opens.

Finally, click … File > Save as Template, which will save it in the SU 2015 Templates folder.

Thanks for the response. Followed your directions but did not work. Found no place to click OK. However, when I went to the template I wanted and and used the context menu it gave me the option of opening file in 2015. Used this and than saved as a template in 2015.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the feedback. I tweaked the description to more accurately describe the steps.